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Orf is a viral disease that is widespread in sheep and goats. Orf can be transmitted to humans by contact with an infected animal or contaminated fomites. Reindeer have also caused similar lesions in humans. Orf is frequently seen in farming communities1, 2 and meat handlers. Clinically, reddish weeping nodules of orf are seen on the dorsa of the hands and the fingers that heal spontaneously in approximately 35 days.

1048885 1133450 1218tn OrfAn early lesion of orf (papular stage). NextPathophysiology

Orf is primarily a disease involving the skin, though the lymph nodes are occasionally involved.


A higher frequency of orf reports has occurred from Europe and New Zealand compared with North America, but this is of unknown significance.


The natural course of orf is spontaneous recovery in 3-6 weeks.

Immunocompromised patients with orf can have progressive, destructive lesions requiring medical interventions such as antiviral therapy and surgical debridement. However, reports exist of immunosuppressed individuals with large, fungating lesions that have been refractory to treatment. Mortality from orf has not been reported.Race

Orf has been reported exclusively in whites.


No sexual predilection is reported for orf.


No age predilection is described for orf.

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